Cam does not have an issue with it. Call it what you want. If an employee dont like it, they can find another employer. Side Football Tattoos 8. Its a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person. You think you can go into a big firm and score a high paying job while sporting tatoos and peircings? And as for the senile comments, hes made more money than the Beatles selling burgers and biscuits. If my QB is spending any time under the needle for a superficial piece of body art instead of studying film or learning every positions responisibility on every single play than he is mismanaging his responsibilities as a professional and I wouldnt trust him as the leader of my franchise. I think theyre stupid looking, but thats just me. However, what Cam does with his body outside the realm of being in shape, keeping himself healthy and making sure he is prepared to lead the team effectively, is none of the owners business. Here's hoping he never feels a need to wear long sleeves under his 49ers jersey to cover the tattoos. Its called be an adult and realizing that you dont just get to do whatever you want and not possibly suffer consequences. When you work FOR somebody thats something that you have no control over. When bosses complain about tattoos and such it is because they feel the tattoos are embarassing and they dont want to lose business. With regards to the NFL, people would watch it still if the players wore snuggies instead of uniforms. If Newton doesnt like it, get them and let Richardson trade him for it. And for that I applaud him. The Senegalese star devoted himself completely to football and does not care about fancy stuff. It wont happen if he has alot of tatoos or piercings. my issue is this: sure companies can dictate how you show up and act at work, i get that. My boss wont let me have visible tats or piercings (I work for a bank, where I am a member of senior management). The fact is, in todays game, corporate money is where its at. I think Cam wants to be the next commercial superstar. Facial feature distorting PEDs are allowed though. I have no issue with an employer enforcing a dress code, theyre paying you to be at work. this, however, is taking it a step further by dictating how cam can look when hes not at work. If Jerry Richardson is a racist, how come he drafted Newton to be the face of the franchise? It is really a little on the stupid side. This is so ridiculous. At least Cam knows how he can get out of Carolina if he wants. No long hair, no facial hair, etc, and no one has a problem with that. Just for the record, most old people prefer young people to not have any piercings, tattoos, or ridiculous hair. Now, having found out he doesnt have tattoos or piercings, hes gone up a few notches in my eyes. And to those who say there is no place that would fire an employee over tattoos and such I can name several Two are family entertainment venues namely Walt Disney who has strict policies against and Universal Entertainment. Big difference, in the case of the Yankees its team wide, where with Cam its just him. I have tats all overhowever, I now work in a field that requires I cover them when there. I have no problem with asking players. I am 34, but todays generation has gone hog wild with this tattoo craze and it needs to stop, or at least slow down. By the way does anyone have a problem with Clay Matthews have long hair and tats? Angry, by Its his show. And the unfortunate truth is, in big business, image is EVERYTHING. I said, Do you have any tattoos? Richardson told Rose. Brandon Roy 4. BUT I think im reading into Richardsons intentions the face of the franchise will make both of them money if he is clean of those markings. On the other hand, the fact that THIS was the first thing the owner asked his new player about may show why this franchise has gone downhill so quickly. I. If he is quoted correctly there was no ultimatim, so there should be no issue. I dont have any. I said, Do you have any piercings? He said, No, sir. This is not so much about race as it is about, the bottom line which is money. Obviously, it didnt phase Cam who is there to play football. Tattoos & body piercing have definately become more mainstream & acceptable. Would he have desired the came from Brady or Manning? Sounds like a real bigot. Someone tell Jerry no whiskey and well see how he likes that. Its his team. ( conservatism reigns)Not unlike the person in the White House, Cam is being rejected for who he is and not what he does. This while working in Chicago. He certainly has a right to do whatever he wants. Its simpleIf you want to play in the NFL you have to follow rules. And if I got them, and suddenly was let go, can I really say my rights have been infringed upon? Richardson is just helping Cam be an entertainer and an icon.. to middle aged white people, just like himself. Despite winning everything in his career, Robert Lewandowski chooses to be humble and refuses to wear any tattoo on his body. That being said, I dont think tats/piercings are as big of a deal as JR thinks they are. If youre more concerned with your QBs looks than his dedication and hard-work, than that explains why you havent drafted a good one in as long as I can remember. You have to love the way that Americans are being conditioned; dont let Government tell you anything, but do everything that your boss tells you. owner doesnt equal king of the world. Take Donald Driver for examplehe wears two big earrings and it looks like (from a quick google image search) he has some tattoos on his arms. Name one great leader to have earrings or other visible piercings. The Yankees have a long standing ban on facial hair and long hair, and thats been working all right for them over the years. No wonder the panthers blow. but to be able to dictate what one chooses to do with his/her body (as long as its not immoral/illegal) as an employer? I dont agree with facial and neck tattoos, and primarily an ear piercing really is not that big of a deal. I bet Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning dont have any tattoos or piercings. I dont have any. I said, We want to keep it that way. . If a potential employee doesnt agree with itthat is fine. If you show up for an interview looking like a hood you might not get hired. There is a difference between this is our policy and, do you have any tattos? French international NGolo Kante remains a humble human being despite his recent successes. . This interview took place BEFORE the draft. He was up front in the pre-draft interview, when deciding whether to draft Cam. Most companies have an expectation that their leaders present themselves in a certain way. So without further ado, its time to introduce the could-have-been-good, the bad and the ugly tattoos across the NFL. tats are so common if he held the rest of the team to that rule he would have a lot of roster spots to fill . This is way different. (Peppers) And I think by all accounts hes a model citizen but thats just me. At least hopefully Cam will show better judgement than Pryor and avoid getting any tattoos on his throwing arm in the 24 hours leading up to a game, that habit really hurt Pryors consistency. Is that unreasonable? and no rap music. I have no opinion about whether players should have tattoos or not. Otherwise I have no issues with tattoos and piercings on players. This was a PRE-DRAFT interview. In 2014, tattoos returned with "Madden NFL 15" for just one player: Colin Kaepernick. The poll results are sad. I didnt know Jerry Richardson was a Michelle Bachmann backer, - No. Sure he could release him but he would still have to pay the guaranteed money in the contract and I am sure another team would be glad to pick him up. Is that legal? More people think the owners have the right to tell a guy if he can get tattoos and piercings or not? There is a difference in telling players and asking players. Richardson, who said that Newton was dressed perfectly for their meeting, was blunt. Newton is going to be the face of the franchise, and this is Richardsons franchise. Where is Allen Iverson when you need him? Back Football Tattoos 7. If it does become an issue he can always request a trade to the Raiders or Bengals. is. Ex Barcelona Pep Guardiola boss reflected on why Andreas Iniesta does not wear any tattoo, Iniesta doesnt die his hair, he does not wear earrings and he hasnt got any tattoos. This reminds me of the Yankees and their no facial hair except mustaches rule. Hell, I took my mother-in-law to get her 1st tattoo for her 60th birthday. Though Newton cant be disciplined for getting a tattoo or a piercing or multiple of either, Richardson has made his wishes clear and hed likely be unhappy if Newton defies them. Paramedics and school teachers who work long hours for peanuts, because they want to make a positive impact on other peoples lives. If they are, then hell, I wish I was too. There are very few that can pull off reasonable tattoos, and none that can pull off piercings. Pogba is He had NO option to play for someone else nor did he have the option of declining the job offer to work for another employer than has a more employee friendly dress code. Cam: WTF!!!!! Not to mention a conduct code. But Earrings denote immaturity. Both of my sister-in-laws kids fathers (dont even get me started) have MULTIPLE face tattoos (they also dont have a GED or a diploma, or a job between them-again, dont get me started). The fact is that, over the years, Richardson has drafted and signed plenty of players who have tattoos and piercings, including tight end Jeremy Shockey. I want the best image I can get for my product and that means different things for different places. You could go a lot of different ways with a tattoo featuring The Greek Freak as its headline, but the Milwaukee Bucks 2. Iniesta played for Barcelona for 22 years. Richardson might as well have told Cam: If you ever feel slighted by me and want to piss me off, get yourself a tattoo.. The only superstar duo without tattoos is Embiid and Simmonds. However, Richardson definitely has control issues, so Newton would be smart not to make this an issue. there are TONS of reasons people get the tats they do. It may not be your choice, and it may not be the most courageous choice, but its a legitimate choice. We want to keep no tattoos, no piercings, and I think youve got a very nice haircut., Interjected the host: You sound like a Lombardi., Said Richardson, No, I just sound reasonable to me.. just because you own a company/team, doesnt mean you can tell your employees to do whatever you want. I thought, Oh my God! My mate was in and he felt proper awkward.. As others have pointed out, the Yankees enforce a dress code for their players. 3. However, the players that chose to go there generally are free agents and choose to acquiesce to that rule. My employer has a policy of no visible tattoos. Youd think a guy walking around with donated organs pumping through him would not be concerned with such trivial issues. 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Big Cat Richardson said he was aggressive in FREE AGENCY- Ha, signed NO ONE NEW-ran off Julius Peppers whom Chicago loves and traded for Gregg Olson which is not a free agency signing To dictate what a person can do is ok if you dont sell and make your HUGE PROFITS from Grease filled Bonjangles doublely fried chicken & Hardees Big Fat burgers which is cloggin up arteries in the south causing heart attacks & OBEeSITY- And he basically didnt get crap for his hardass stand in the CBA Cam Newton must be thinkin your players suck and no wonder this team sucks- he is smoke and mirrors- what he gonna say when they go 1-15? Cowboys rookie receiver Ryan Switzer wasn't allowed to get a tattoo, so he covertly got one done on the inside of his lower lip. I disagree with the assertion. ============================== Its a business and some of those things do alienate fans which is alienating customers. In the time it took me to post this he prolly sold 10,000 chicken biscuits. No visible tattoos and no piercings has been a policy at every job Ive ever had. If Mr. Richardson wants to pay me the kind of money hes paying Cam, he can tell me how to walk, how to eat my food and how to kiss my wife. Come to think of it, Ive seen far more whites with tattoos and piercings falling off their bodies than I have blacks. These JR backers are really excited about being model employees and doing what your boss says. The players are going to fill that lost in their new collective barging agreement. Then again, most of these comments that hate on people with tattoos really sound like Abe Simpson. catman72 says: August 24, 2011 at 7:59 am Nothing wrong with JR stating his preferences to kid that hes going to draft and pay to be the face of his franchise. As long as there continue to be other players on his team with tats or piercings, Newton can make a clear-cut case for discrimination if he is disciplined for getting either himself. Its outrageous and racist and pretty damn normal. This is kin to Cowherd making his point that Romo needs to take that damn backwards baseball cap off.. Jerry Richardson is becoming the East Coast Al Davis. While Im sure Richardson is an old-school guy who has low regard for any manner of body ornamentation, this isnt so much about Jerry imposing his own personal values on a player; its a matter of maintaining and maximizing Cams image and marketability, particularly as it relates to the corporate sector. At 18-9, the 76ers lead the Eastern Conference. some families are probably turning off pro sports right now, just because of this explosion of tats in the last 15 years.). While I disagree with Richardson on many many things. Cast a vote below. The reason he does not wear any tattoos is that his father has not allowed him to wear. If Cam decides to get a piercing or tat, Im sure he will. realitypolice says: Pogba is the only man utd players without tattoos in our list. Is that fair? Do NFL players have to cover their tattoos? Next in the list is the Egyptian King known as Mo Salah. They should call this site OldFogeyTalk instead. I for one do not mind a boss/owner being allowed to dictate to his employees what they can or can not wear, decorate, etc Cam was drafted and signed a contract with the team to play in Carolina. Why does a Man feel the need to wear an earring anyway?? Thats just fact. 1.8k Views. Tattoosshmeh not so much. He hired a latino hc, drafted an african american QB, and steve smith adores him(and he hates everybody). An NFL owner can tell his employers whatever he wants. You must appeal to your demographic. Unless Gabbert comes out and says he was told the same thing by Richardson in regards to his appearance, I have a problem with it. Guy lost his mind, your paying him for his play, not to tell him what to wear.& way go Raiders!!! Not a big deal though, most employers want employees to look professional. The more disturbing reality is that Jerry Richardson likely pushed for Newton based on his responses to this question, rather than picking the guy who has the best chance to succeed. No. If the boss tells you to do something, you do it, or you risk losing your job. Thats your right. Appearing as guests on PBSs Charlie Rose (thanks for the heads up, SportsBusiness Daily), Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson talked about a variety of issues. I have also placed him on the mythical collegiate, Mt. Web1. Jason Thompson 9. Problem is, he forgot who it is that was going to be paying his salary. if he doesnt want him to have tqtoos or piercings, he has every right to request that. Maybe their owner should focus more on the talent of the product on the field instead of what they look like. Unfortunately for Jackson, his tattoo choice I have no visible tats and no piercingsbecause its BAD FOR BUSINESS!!! The sneaker features the fan-favorite "Shattered Backboard" colorway, with white leather on the base and black. Denver Broncos. Correct, no different, but still stupid. Sounds like a real bigot. People somehow think it is their constitutional right to take a job somewhere and look and do whatever they want because of freewill.incorrect.